Rene Vilbre

“Eesti Matus” is an adaption of a theatrical play written by Andrus Kivirähk. The play has been showcased at the Draamateater for more than a few decades, breaking all Estonian records. The film’s genre is comedy, which is a natural trait to Andrus Kivirähk, in order to showcase the beauty and the darkness of being Estonian. The more seriously one or the other subject is handled, the more comic it becomes.

During the bitter working hours, Andres dies at a dignified age. Andres has been a lone farmer, who worked hard till his last breath like the stereotypical Estonian. When someone dies, they receive a dignified send off.  Therefore, a passionate and vibrant group of relatives and acquaintances get together. A sad event sets lose a chain of comical incidents during the funeral wake, and series of debates. During such, clarity will be drawn to whose ancestors have suffered the most, who is the most truthful Estonian, who is a better country or a city man, who cheated on who and who from the younger generations should be coupled up “King is dead; Long live the king,” life goes on where there’s little time between funerals and weddings.

Film is directed by Rene Vilbre, who directed the trilogy “Klassikokkutulek” (“Class Reunion”). Vilbre, K. Taska and M. Vainokivi collaborated on a popular family film “Röövlirahnu Martin”. Taska Film and Apollo Film Production’s most recent collaboration was “Talve” (“Winter”) by Oskar Luts. Starring in the film are beloved: Jan Uuspõld, Merle Palmiste, Tambet Tuisk, Peeter Oja, Hilje Murel, Ago Anderson, Anna Sergejeva, Sandra Ashilevi and Markus Habakukk.

Comedy 90 min.
Director: Rene Vilbre

Screenwriter: Ott Kilusk
Producer: Kristian Taska, Tanel Tatter, Veiko Esken, Marju Lepp, Manfred Vainokivi
Production Companies: Taska Film, Filmivabrik, Apollo Film Productions 

Release Date: 19. February 2021 

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