Elmo Nüganen

Melchior Wakenstede is a clever and curious apothecary who, in addition to healing the sick, solves murders that shake the town. In a medieval world, where people look for signs of God or the Devil in everything, Melchior’s detective work appears to be truly magical – it’s even believed that he can speak with the dead. Melchior’s actual “secret weapon” is his knack for noticing traitorous details and his ability to understand the darkest desires of the human soul. He knows, better than anyone else, that sin is waiting at the door, and temptation can poison even the most noble of intentions.

In the opening film, “Melchior the Apothecary”, the young apothecary must solve the murder of a famous Knight of the Order. Melchior finds that the victim had been after a mysterious “Prisoner of Tallinn” and the traces lead to the local Dominican monastery. As the puzzle unravels, the whole of the Christian world is at stake.

Cast: Märten Metsaviir, Maarja Johanna Mägi, Franz Malmsten, Alo Kõrve, Marko Matvere, Henessi Schmidt, Andero Ermel, Hendrik Toompere, Ken Rüütel, Juris Strenga, Sten Zupping, Mait Malmsten, and others.

Director: Elmo Nüganen

Screenwriters: Indrek Hargla, Olle Mirme, Elmo Nüganen

Producers: Kristian Taska, Esko Rips, Armin Karu, Veiko Esken, Tanel Tatter.

Co-producers: Jānis Kalējs, Lukas Trimonis, Philipp Kreuzer, Diana Mikita.

Produced by Taska Film, Nafta Films, Apollo Film Productions, Hansa Film. Co-produced by Film Angels Productions (Latvia), InScript (Lithuania), Maze Pictures (Germany).

With support from Estonian Film Institute, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Viru Film Fund, Film Fund of Estonian Islands, Tartu Film Fund, National Film Centre of Latvia, Riga Film Fund, Creative Europe MEDIA, Hea Film, ApolloTV, Postimees Group and Kanal 2.

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