Jüri Sillart

Reunions vary and each one of us has been to one, be it class, course, school, work or whatever reunion. In the film “Golden Beach”, former band members gather once more, each one of them having their own lives and careers now.

As it goes, they feel an overwhelming joy of being reunited. Drinks are had, memories long forgotten are reopened, songs are sung and… passion takes the stage, as long forgotten love is suddenly re-awoken. Things get even more heated when they unexpectedly have a visitor – a former member of the band. Disguised as a security systems expert, he has planted mines all over the premises. This judgement reaches biblical proportions when the skies turn thunderous and whirlwinds surround the house.

Starring Ülle Lichtfeldt, Merle Palmiste, Maria Avdjushko, Marika Korolev, Hendrik Toompere juunior, Sepo Seeman, Veikko Täär, Mait Malmsten and Taavi Eelmaa.

Directed by Jüri Sillart. Written by Hans Luik, Edited by Tiina Lokk, co-directed by Priit Pedajas.
Kuldrannake DVD 5900