Ain Mäeots

Based on the Estonian most loved classic, “Fools of Fame” takes us back to the beginning of 20th century, when Estonia was part of the Tsarist Empire. National self-consciousness was starting to bloom and many Estonians had a burning desire to create something eternal for their Nation – whether it was a miracle of engineering or a piece of timeless literature.

Salomon, after having had several bumps in various professions, has decided to make a name for himself as a writer. He rents a room in a modest house of Agnes, a laundress and a single mother, hoping to find peace and quiet for his work. Unfortunately, Salomon’s noble intentions are not destined to come to fruition, because of the next-door neighbour Jan, the local inventor and natural scientist.

The fate and a series of peculiar events turn the two would-be geniuses into enemies. Things are not made any easier by the fact that Salomon sees his muse in Agnes, while Jan hopes to marry her. A local businessman Ferdinand, who also suspiciously frequently visits Agnes’ house, adds fuel to the fire. Agnes, on the other hand, has her own desires and dreams – she wants to find a loving partner who would also be the right step-father for her son.

“Fools of Fame” is a tragicomic story about high aspirations in difficult times. It is a story of how the realisation of beautiful ideals can be hindered by mundane things and adverse circumstances.