René Vilbre

The three buddies Mart (Mait Malmsten), Andres (Ago Anderson) and Toomas (Genka) are invited to the 25-year anniversary of their high school graduation. Actually, Mart and Andres are inclined to stay home, but Toomas talks them into going. He has organized a great weekend with drinks, ladies and sauna as a warm-up event to the class reunion. The question is whether they actually survive the Tallinn nightlife… and if they ever arrive to meet their old class-mates! The film takes a close look at the modern man at the very moment when he discovers that he is no longer 18, but instead has reading glasses and is beaten by love and excessive nose hair.
Based on the motion picture Klassefesten © 2011 Nordisk Film Production – produced by Tomas Radoor and René Ezra, written by Lars Mering and Claudia Boderke, directed by Niels Nørløv Hansen.